What is Superbuy Business Service (SBS)?

SBS is specially designed to help small and medium size clients. Our goal is to help online and offline resellers, retailers, or shop owners become more competitive by making it easier to source quality products directly from China.

  • Access to Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 with billions of products which duly meet your needs and result in higher profit.

  • Secure online transactions with alternative payment methods and on time delivery.

  • Drop-ship, wholesale bulk buy, white-label, or custom products, we will get all your sourcing needs covered.

  • Our professional service team can fill all your short and long-term wholesale merchandise needs.

What can you get from SBS?

  • Sourcing

    • Expanding your products
    • High quality valued products directly from China
    • Warehousing in Mainland China and Hong Kong(3-6 months free storage)
    • Mixed bulk purchasing, available to mix various items
    • Extremely low MOQ
    • Drop-ship
    • Product & packaging customization
    • Cardboard display stand and packaging materials purchasing
    • Door-to-door delivery
    • Top performing and discounted products recommendation
    • Group buys
    • Quality inspection report
  • Marketing

    • Marketing support
    • Digital documents
    • Market potential research of products
    • Product photography and videography
    • Brand and packaging
    • Brochures and flyers print

SBS offers

  • FBA
  • International Logistics
  • One-stop services
  • Start your global e-commerce business easily with a plugin that connects to Shopify automatically

    One-Click Product Upload:

    With this function, you can access products from e-commerce platforms like Taobao, Tmall, 1688, and JD fast. You can also change the description, pictures, and categories of the products based on your needs.

    One-Click Order Fulfillment:

    To complete the shipping procedure of an order, you just need to confirm the purchase and forwarding request of the client. You have nothing to worry about as the system will handle everything for you automatically.

    Warehousing Services

    We offer professional warehousing services for your products, including quality inspection, product consolidation, and packaging customization. The parcels will be delivered to your clients directly through international shipping services.

  • For clients who already have Amazon stores or clients who want to open their stores on Amazon, we can customize the packaging of your products and ship the products to the selected FBA warehouse

    Professional Product Sourcing

    We will assign an account manager to each client. You will be reaching out the initial supplier as wished. We will source your products from platforms like 1688, Taobao, and Tmall. We will also negotiate with the suppliers and try to get the lowest price for you. There will be no communication barriers and you do not need to worry about the complicated procedures at all.

    Warehouse Services

    Our warehouse staff can inspect your products when they are stocked in or stocked out. We can remove or change the product labels for you. We can attach the FBA label onto your products or the packaging. We also offer product photo or video services. If you need something else, you can try our customization services.

    FBA First-Leg

    Ship your products to Amazon by air or by sea. We also offer worldwide express services that cover all major FBA warehouses. Our services are reasonably priced to fulfill your customized logistics needs.

  • With over 5 years of cross-border e-commerce experience, we offer reliable international logistics services

    Customized Logistics

    Ship by sea, by air, or by land as you need, at exclusive discounts.

    Express Shipping

    Optimized forwarding procedure and faster warehousing operations. Global dropshipping with one click.

  • 1 to 1 Exclusive Account Manager

    We will assign an account manager to each client. The account manager will provide full support from product sourcing to technical services. Without complicated communication procedures, you can save a lot of time.

    Selected Quality Products for Export

    We offer exclusive customized products like OEM packaging materials and gifts to business clients (MOQ:100).

    Customized Supply Chain Management

    Depending on your needs, we provide comprehensive supply chain services to connect manufacturers and clients, and full range of international trading service solution.

    OEM/ODM Business Projects

    We provide business clients with professional international business services like product design, sourcing, quality inspection, and manufacturing.

SBS would like to partner with

  • E-commerce sellers

    • Third-party sellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay
    • Sellers who have their own online shops on platforms like Shopify
    • Offline retailers who want to sell online
  • Cross-border logistics

    • Users who need batch packing and shipping
    • Users who want to split orders and ship parcels to different users seperately
    • Users who need custom logistics or parcel shipping services
  • B2B

    • Bulk purchasing projects
    • Product customization needs

One-click auto access of e-commerce business, to achieve complete B2B service solution

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Partner platforms

  • Taobao

  • Tmall

  • 1688

  • Xianyu

Most Popular Project
BuckyDrop offers a complete support solution for online selling
BuckyDrop helps you source products from major Chinese e-commerce platforms
BuckyDrop will inspect the product and provide you with photos of the actual product
BuckyDrop will reinforce your parcels to make sure that your products are safe during the transportation
By partnering with dozens of international logistics companies, BuckyDrop ships to over 200 countries and regions
Customer Service Hours: 9:30-12:30 14:00-18:30 (Beijing Time)
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