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    Notice:Guangdong Warehouse does not accept packages from Tmall Global and overseas markets (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to Mainland China.

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    Fill in the forward express informationPlease do not reveal the tracking number to anyone,which is aunique identifier that proves the package belongs to you.

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    Friendly Reminder: Product such as gold jewelry, securities, animals and plants, seeds, drugs, knives, lighters, batteries, bulk liquids and chemical powders can’t ship to overseas due to customs restrictions. View details

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        The closure will result item information lost, to determine the closure?

        • Notice:
        • 1、According to customs policy, all parcels will be unboxed to screen for prohibited goods. Thank you for your understanding. View details >
        • 3、Please go to the order list to complete the logistics information within 15 days after the order is verified (for orders that require manual review, please confirm the risk information in time);
        • 4、If the package you send to the Superbuy warehouse has not filled in the logistics information in time, or the forwarding orders are not submitted in time and sent directly to our warehouse will be judged as abnormal. The storage period of abnormal parts is only 60 days. If the abnormal items remain in the warehouse for more than 60 days due to the user's incomplete logistics information, Superbuy will handle the overdue processing of the transshipment goods, and the ownership of the goods will be owned by the Superbuy platform at that time;
        • 5、Please confirm the number of packages and logistics numbers with the sender in advance. If the transshipment package is multiple pieces in one ticket or a parent-child package, please submit the corresponding order for each package with a single number and fill in the corresponding logistics order number. For example, there are 3 logistics order numbers in one ticket. , and fill in the logistics number of the 3 packages;