• Complete the information of the item to be forwarded and submit it for review

    Superbuy needs to make sure that the item can be shipped so you need to submit the information of the item for the review.

    Step 1

    If you have a Taobao account and use the parcel forwarding service for items from Taobao often

    you can try to use the purchase and parcel forwarding service on the Superbuy app. After authorizing the app to log in your Taobao account, the purchase of the item and the parcel forwarding list can be completed quickly on your phone. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the service guarantee of the purchased item.

    Select ItemSelected products on Taobao
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    To forward the parcel from Hong Kong to other areas around the world, please select Superbuy Hong Kong warehouse

  • The review of the submitted item information will be completed within one business day and Superbuy will notify you about the result using the inbox message.

    Step 2
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  • Superbuy Quality Inspection and Warehousing

    The item will be weighed and inspected upon receiving. After the item is stocked in, it will be displayed in “My Superbuy” – “My Warehouse”.

    Step 3step3


    Please notice that the only the number and name of your item will be confirmed, the warehouse does not offer professional product inspection.

    We will do a professional inspection of the item when it is warehoused. Photos[Three photos ] of the actual product will be taken and sent to you. We will be glad to assist you if there is any problem with the item.

What do you do next?
1.Send the stored items overseas (Step4 – 7)
Or purchase more and send them all together (Repeat Step 1 - 3, then Step 4 - 7)

1.We provide 90 days free storage service for your items.

2.Stock up and consolidate them to ship overseas in order to save shipping fee.

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Description of International Delivery Service:
1.We can deliver your items to over 82 countries and regions worldwide with various delivery methods.
International delivery service is operated by our designated third party. Unfortunately, we are unable to fully control the processed time,item restrictions, custom tax, etc. However, we will try our best to assist you for any issues happened during delivery.
  • Submit for Delivery

    Step 4step4


    1.Some items may be restricted with a certain type of delivery. However, we have selected a few recommended types of delivery for you to choose from the list.

    2.We provide additional services such as package removal, package reinforcement, insurance, etc. Please inform us under remark and we will follow your request.

  • Step 5step5


    2.Item will be weighted after packaging. The final delivery fee will be based on the actual weight and the difference will be refunded as soon as possible.

  • Superbuy Delivery

    Consolidate and pack items, reinforce package, weight and send out for delivery.

    Step 6step6


    You can track the parcel via ‘User Center’ – ‘My Parcel’ after it is sent out.

  • Step 7step7


  • Delivered & Review



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